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EasyStand AutoTemp 02e

The traditional four-legged kettle


Available in 40, 60, 80 and 100 L
EasyStand AutoTemp 02e
Unheated top

The upper rim of the kettle is unheated and insulated. This reduces heat radiation and saves energy, also minimizing the risk of burn to the operator.

This design also ensures that the food does not burn in the kettle spout when the kettle is emptied, which would reduce the quality of the food and cause cleaning to take longer.

Heating power control by dial

The heating power is easily controlled by using the dial.

Cold water tap

The tap makes it quick and easy to fill the kettle with water for cooking and cleaning.

200 mm ground clearance

Sturdy legs with adjustable feet ensures fast installation and also easy cleaning with 200 mm clearance to the floor.


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