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Opti Stand AutoTemp 32

Tilting kettle with high tilting height on legs


Available in 40, 60, 80, 100, 120, 150, 200, 250 and 300 L
Opti Stand AutoTemp 32
200 mm ground clearance

Sturdy legs with adjustable feet ensures fast installation and also easy cleaning with 200 mm clearance to the floor.

Unheated top

The upper rim of the kettle is unheated and insulated. This reduces heat radiation and saves energy, also minimizing the risk of burn to the operator.

This design also ensures that the food does not burn in the kettle spout when the kettle is emptied, which would reduce the quality of the food and cause cleaning to take longer.

Control of the jacket temperature

The display normally shows the actual temperature of the inner kettle, but a keypress gives access to display and alter the temperature setpoint. This is set quickly and precisely between 1-120°C.

The large arrows change the setting by 10°C, while the small arrows change the setting by 1°C.

The heating power is controlled automatically to ensure that the temperature setpoint is achieved.

Waterfilling with flowmeter

The water passes through a large drip-free spout on the pillar. The integrated water meter adds water to the kettle by setting the required quantity and starting the filling process. Filling stops automatically when the required quantity of water has been added. The required quantity can be set to one decimal place.

The remaining quantity is displayed while the water is being added. The user can easily stop the filling process and adjust the required quantity.
Small quantities of water are best added manually. Water is added to the kettle when the key is held down and the quantity added is shown in the display to one decimal place. 


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