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Taumberger Bakery

High quality starter dough made in a OptiMix QuickChill

At this bakery they produce a traditional kind of sour dough bread. The request was to increase the quality of the bread by making their own starter dough for the bread instead of using chemicals for the process.


Taumberger Bakery



Time saving and quality improving production


The issue they had during the initial steps, to get the right consistency and correct level of enzymes in the starter dough. They were trying to achieve this via a planetary mixer and heat source that was not programmable, due to this the results were sub-optimal.


With the food temperature control and ice water chilling on the OptiMix kettle we achieved a very consistent product, within an hour production and chilling time total. This is enough base for a weeks production in the bakery. Only with this product they are reducing their costs significantly, but also have multiple opportunities in using the kettle for other products i.e. crème patisserie, Italian meringue, custards, pie fillings, marmalade etc.