EasyMobile - The mobile alternative

  • Mobile kettle on four castors
  • Electric tilt
  • Easy to use
  • Unheated top
  • Easy to clean
  • 40-100 litres nominal volume


  • Spray gun
  • Drain valve/Butterfly valve
  • Sieve plate
  • Pouring plate
  • Measuring rod
  • Cooking basket
  • AutoTemp 32 control
  • Rotatable lid
  • Manuel chilling with water from the mains supply
  • Prepared for Power-Management-Systems
The kettle that can be moved on demand

The EasyMobile model is mounted on four castors, giving it a mobility which opens up new possibilities for the use of tilting kettles. It could for example be used to provide temporary additional capacity, or it could be shared between several kitchens/departments or used to transport prepared food in.


In kitchens where space is at a premium, the kettle could be brought in from a storeroom when the need arises. From there, it could be moved to where the food is to be served and then back again to the kitchen for cleaning.This saves space in the kitchen and gives the kettle more flexibility in terms of its use, without compromising functionality.


The kettle is available with nominal volumes of 40, 60, 80 or 100 litres and is supplied with a lightweight, tight-closing lid made from stainless steel and hinged on the pillar. As an option the kettle can be delivered with a rotatable lid for easier cleaning of especially larger kettles.


EasyMobile model kettles are supplied as standard with AutoTemp 02e control, which includes electric tilt, heating is infinitely variable with a dial and a cold water cock for filling the kettle with water. The correct amount of water is added to the steam generator automatically, protecting the heating elements against overheating and avoiding unexpected interruptions of the production.


As an option, the kettle can be fitted with the AutoTemp 31 and include electric tilt with TiltBack, digital control and display of the inner kettle temperature, an electronic water flow meter, a clock with an alarm function and WaterLevelAutomatic.


The EasyMobile is mounted on a solid underframe, enabling it to be moved and tilted safely. A handle and rotating castors make handling the kettle easy. This kettle is only available with electric heating. Power and water connections are located on the back of the pillar.


The working height is 950 mm.




All four castors can be rotated. Two wheels are fitted with a rotation brake and two wheels have a direction brake.




EasyMobile: Controls

Datasheet, EasyMobile (pdf)


2,2 kg
* Error codes *
433-538 mm WaterLevel Automatic
* With option AutoTemp 32 only


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