InoPa - A tilting pan with a stainless pan



  • Hygienic pan in stainless steel

  • Easy cleaning

  • Even heat distribution

  • Fast heating

  • 3 sizes

  • 90 mm or 120 mm deep

  • Two zones on InoPa 209/212 and 309/312

  • Even lid can be used for

    temporary storage

  • Disconnector switch

  • Tilting function operated by push button

  • Stepless, thermostatic heat control

    push button


    Dimensions fitting to gastronorm containers





  • Height adjustment

  • Air curtain 
  • Separate lid 
  • Foot pedal for tilt 
  • Side shelf
  • Handle and wheels for easy moving
  • Template 
  • Embedding frames for the pillar


The tilting frying pan with many options

With the InoPa we are setting new standards for tilting frying pans. The stainless steel pan is easy to clean thoroughly after use without risk of corrosion.

With the frying pan InoPa new standards are set for tilting frying pans. The stainless pan is easy to clean after use without a risk for rust formation.
With a 90 mm deep pan InoPa can be used for frying, sautéing and braising meat, rice and vegetables. Also smaller amounts of stews can be made in the pan. For special purposes the pan can also be delivered with a 120 mm deep pan.

The whole tilting frying pan is made of stainless steel, and the special construction, choice of material and the densely packed, powerful heating elements ensures an even distribution of heat.

To reach the best result at high as well as at low temperatures InoPa has a thermostat and power regulator. In this way the frying process can controlled in a optimal way.

The tilting frying pan is available in three size sand InoPa 209/212 and InoPa 309/312 are both fitted with two separate heating zones so that it is possible to cook in one zone and keep the food
hot in the other at the same time. 


The lid is hinged and balanced with a gas spring, making it easy to open and preventing it from accidentally falling down.
In closed position the lid can be
used for temporary storage.

The push button operated tilting
function makes emptying and
cleaning the pan easy and safe.
With the foot pedal option tilting can be done while the operator has both hands free.
If required, the tilting frying pan
can be fitted with electrical stepless height adjustment so that the user can adjust the working height.

Other practical options are eg. the air curtain  improving the working conditions for the user. The air curtain blows the the fumes of cooking away from the operator and into the hood. The air flow can be adjusted to fit to the user. The air curtain can be delivered with its own fan or connected to the air ventilation system of the kitchen.

The tilting frying pan can be supplied
for 3~230V, 3~400V, 3~400V+N,
3~440V, or 3~480V.


Foot pedal for operation of the tilt function

Brochure for InoPa (pdf)